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First Aid Training

First Aid GraphicFirst Aid classes are one of the best ways to insure that when a person is injured they don’t receive more injuries while someone is trying to help. This might sound strange until you realize that if an injured person is being helped by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing more injuries may occur. The best way to prevent this is by taking a First Aid certification course.

CPR WORKS uses this course to teach participants the “common sense” approach to first aid. We take the time to explain what the body is going through and how we can provide help from the outside without creating more danger or injuries to the victim. Participants will both immediate and delayed help techniques for assisting injured victims. The first aid certification is for a two-year period thus matching up nicely with the CPR course. The course covers shock management, control of bleeding, illness assessment, site/injury assessment, and environmental emergencies. Participants will have the opportunity to practice bandages, splints, and slings as well as actively participate throughout the class.

Individuals can register for one of the regularly scheduled classes that are held each month in Corvallis and Albany by using the on-line registration form below or by calling 760-7632. Groups can register by calling 760-7632 so that we can set up the date that works best for your group. The length of the class is 2 ½ – 3 hours and the class size is limited to 20 maximum.

Fees: $35 per person
$20 per person when combined with a CPR WORKS CPR class course

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“Great approach to safety”, “Well instructed and to the point with down to earth approach.”
Charles Eaves, Advanced Mechanical

“Instructor made learning fun, not stressful”

For upcoming class offerings please contact us via email information below or call 541-760-7632

Please fill out the form below to register for classes.

Cell: 541-760-7632
Fax: 541-753-6665
E-mail: toddw@cpr-works.com
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